About Us

What is Fsn exactly?
Fsn is a technology driven business to business network, specialising in the Foodservice Market, designed to create a seamless communication and trading environment through a single platform. SAS (Software as a Service) for all online users.

What is in it for the Foodservice Industry exactly?
Fsn brings a subscription based service that will allow all stakeholders to afford the online technology that enables real-time communication and trading in a single environment, whilst delivering live reporting & business analytics for a fraction of the cost. Each business has ssl certified based servers giving equal level security to an online banking environment. Catering outlets are linked to specific suppliers and specific products to ensure pricing and product specs are unique to each consumer.

Consulting. Creative Solutions. Participative Adoption. Support Services & Score Card
The Fsn team have in excess of 80 years combined foodservice & I.T experience; at all levels of the supply chain and so understand, in detail ,the needs and constraints that exist within each foodservice business environment

our aim is to Inspire, engage and Empower Business through the creation of Seamless Solutions that deliver
  1. Sustainable value through your business strategy down to individual Kpi’s within each pillar of focus.
  2. Engage all contributors throughout the development & implementation process
  3. Customise solutionsto fit in with the business model execute with excellence
  4. Provide 24/7 Support Services
  5. Measure and track with ongoing Score-Card
Foodservice Network Global (Pty) Ltd also known as “FsN” is a foodservice B2B (business network) – who’s online portal is powered by fsintel (Pty)
The Leadership Team includes:

Founder: Foodservice Specialist: Mandy Benecke, with 22 years experience in Foodservice:
Synopsis: Post her Diploma in Foodservice Management in 1991, Mandy Started out as a Chef in and practiced as such for 9 years in various sectors as: hotels, restaurants, hospitals, franchising through to the source: Manufacturing where she started a company making prepared food; when after 4 years, sold it to Denny Mushrooms. Mandy joined Unilever, and then followed her passion in marketing joining IMM to complete her Post Grad. In 2008 Mandy founded FsN.
Director Online Communications: Ex e-Bucks executive : Geoff Axten with 9 years experience in the banking, online, rewards and social web business*
Information & Category Director: Annette Visagie: An information geek, Annette has been instrumental in driving a global catalogue for foodservice with information that includes pack shots & bar-codes; this project is a global first and one that will add value to all users and incentivise their experience online. In addition 11 000 users are being exposed to fsn thus increasing all business-centred needs focussed in one common place. As a collective, business can drive their agendas more efficiently and seamlessly.  Innovation platforms are available for all users to share & Market their products. A Procurement Platform for all users to Find products & services, A Buying Platform for all users to Purchase Products & Information Platform for all users to have the benefit of collective data that is relevant and actionable and Wiki Platform for all users to have access to and benefit from collaboration of minds in business improvements.
Our 4 Business Partners are Blue chip companies with no less than 10 years trading whose core business is centred on:
  1) e-commerce & Integration
  2) Web 3.0. Online Social Networking
  3) Business Analytics & Demand Management
Where are we?
Our Offices are based in: Pretoria and Cape Town
Postal Address:

Post Box 27112
Rhine Road Post Office
Sea Point
Cape Town.
Contact Information:
E-Mail                            : info@fsintel.com
Tel                          : 0877514022
skype                     : annette.visagie
Web                       : www.fsintel.com
facebook                 : foodservice Network Global
Business information : Reg (cmo) 2008/012517/07
Bee Reg: FOO 100914G - REV 1 * Director Status in the process of registering